While international volunteer programs may be incredible and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, they also have their flaws. They can be costly and impractical because of the travel and time spent abroad, but also the ethics and value of work done have come under scrutiny in recent years for lack of main streaming of Migration Volunteering into UN and International Agencies, despite volunteers’ good intentions paid or not paid.  However, in today global village, e-volunteering and in the current Covid 19 environment this concept  meets the most valuable skills transferable that people can offer in global development organizations are not in-the-field but from the comfort of their own home in this Global Village.

Online volunteering can take on a complete variety of roles: translation, mentoring, writing project proposal, Report Writing and editing of documents, web design and advocacy, or even technological development. 

There are numerous ways to  e-volunteer  can undertake specified activities while it fits around their schedule and without traveling abroad or within Country.

The concept also is most beneficial on South to South e-Volunteering - for example Somali Diaspora  Volunteers ,Kenyan  and Uganda's Agronomists offering their skills via Google Online/WhatsApp to ACDF Demonstration Farm in Somaliland  -   Somali person is Somaliland offering her or his time to teach Somali via Online to those in the Diaspora that is one example of  e-Volunteering, the same is true for North to South Collaborations on e-Volunteering as outlined above.    

Traditional Volunteering

ACDF is a Diaspora volunteer lead and is equally looking to further enhance our role as Volunteers quality placement Provider  with object of zero barriers and encourage effect engagement with employers in the private, public sector and UN/International Organizations.


ACDF hence wish to recruit Volunteers and  e-volunteer to help us further develop the concept of e-Volunteering  in Somaliland by attracting  in Country Volunteers/International Volunteers or Somali Diaspora  but wider fields especially  developing South to South  and North to South Development Collaborations

Working With Partners

We have huge numbers   talented  adults' and young people of Somaliland origins across the  world and wish to link them to Somaliland in partnership with - Somaliland National Youth Organization (SONYO).  Sonyo Website:-  https://sonyo.org/ .

We  have signed MOU or Collaborations agreement with number of British/EU NGO's based in Kenya and Ethiopia and the coming months look forwards to turning these volunteering post into paid positions. 

Our Head Office is located at:- 


Global Hotel , 3rd Floor,

City Centre, Hargeisa - Republic of Somaliland

Somali/English and Arabic Languages

Telephone landline :- 524511  or +2522524511      -   by  mobile/WhatsApp   local:- 0634042277
Mobile int. dialing:- +252634042277

By Email :-  - Email:- abdisomaliland9@gmail.com