The Network members  aim to support each other as Trader, Somaliland supporters, investor or potential investors in Somaliland. The Group members has links with various institutions in all sector of society and can be source of support in dealing within Somaliland and globally. We encourage potential investor to enter the Somaliland Market.   

  Somaliland Country Profile -

Our Vision

” To Promote and Sustainable Direct Foreign Investment flow and retention to Somaliland”.


” Somaliland Trade and Investment Support Group" will aim to work with Somaliland Government, Private and all sectors in Somaliland  through the development of strategies to promote Investment and Trade exchange between Somaliland and rest of the world; facilitate and support investor entry and retention; and continuously as advocate for an investor friendly Country and Institutions “ in accordance with the UN Conference on trade and Development.

Our Key Objectives

  1. Promote Foreign Direct Investment flow to Somaliland
  2. Develop and maintain accurate and reliable investment related data that can aid investors make smart choices to invest in Somaliland.
  3. Establish investor outreach platforms and missions to facilitate investor entry.
  4. Execute a robust Trade and Investment Promotion  strategy to position Somaliland as a favorable investment and Trading destination.
  5. Promote Somaliland as Excellent Place for Foreign Direct Investment Destination in Africa with rights and responsibilities for Investors and host Country ( Somaliland)
  6. To provide advice, guidance and policy advocacy and support across the investment and trading cycle.
  7. Promote Public and Private partnership based on needs with a clear strategy including social enterprise tackling poverty eradications  
  8.  Developing partnership with the aim of Capacity Building of local and International Staff in delivery of awareness Raising, attendances of local and Int. exhibition to promote FDI  and trading with Somaliland 
  9.  Establishing Somaliland Investor Forum  with representation from all sectors  of public and privates partners base on collaboration and mutual agreements with object to advance Trade and Investment 
  10. Hosting regular Meetings, Research ,Collaborations partnership with Universities, Chamber of Commerce ,TVET Centre's International NGO's/UN Agencies, arranging Tours inbound and Out bounds.

Strategic Partners   Government of Somaliland

  We are partner with the Government of Somaliland has facilitated trade and Investment inward and outwards as part of the our strategy to support Somaliland Republic as Sovereign Nation and member of the United Nation family.  Our Key Partners includes:-   

      Somaliland Presidency -                         

     The Ministry of Trade and Tourism -   

      The Ministry of Investment and Industry


Why Invest in Somaliland




Somaliland has witnessed a great deal of progress over the last 30 years of self-governance. Peace and stability has been restored through the efforts of the people of Somaliland. Democratic systems have been established and have continued to evolve after five successful elections at the presidential, parliamentary and local government levels.


 Somaliland is Strategic positioned in the center of the Horn of Africa and along the Gulf of Aden near the entrance to the Bab al-Mandeb and route through Red Sea and Suez Canal, a Major sea-lane through with one-third of the world's shipping passes.


The Economic System of Somaliland is a free market system based on supply and demand with little or no Government control, Somaliland Enjoys open Market policies that are designed to eliminate discrimination against foreign investors, business projects, Investments and Financial transactions. To promote new opportunities and Innovation.


 Somaliland is rich in mineral resources deposits of many kinds of gemstones like Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Aquamarine, Opal and any kind of Garnet. There are also plenty of other minerals in Somaliland such as industrial minerals like iron ore, Titanium, Aluminum, Tungsten, Tin, Galena and other rare earth metals like Colum bite Tantalite, Molybdenum and many other rare minerals which are only found few places in the world.


Investors will enjoy a 100% three to five year’s tax holiday on profits and 100% custom exemption on imported raw materials, machinery, equipment, installation and any other ouYits, supplies and components imported for production purposes are exempted from import custom duties.


Somaliland Government stands for establishing viable Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) to address large scale infrastructure development that   are beyond the financing capacities of the Government.


Both   foreigners   and Somali landers are freely able to purchase and sell property as the wish. Land ownership   rights   are   strongly upheld within Somaliland.


Investments that have been properly registered with and approved by the Board may not be expropriated unless there is no other method by which the government can safeguard the “public interest.

9- Highly Adoptable Young People

 Somaliland has high level of young people of over 18 yrs old and extremely adoptable and with various skills and easily adoptable to tackle challenges with little guidance.

10. Somaliland Diaspora

 Somaliland has one of the most influential diaspora of any country and with exceptional talents and extremely committed to ivest in their Country and they are full Ambassadors of their homeland both as Investors and attractor or facilitators foreign Direct Investment.  

Our head office is located at


Global Hotel , 3rd Floor,

City Centre, Hargeisa - Republic of Somaliland

Somali/English and Arabic Languages

Telephone landline :- 524511  or +2522524511      -   by  mobile/WhatsApp   local:- 0634042277
Mobile  int. dialing:- +252634042277

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